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We are pleased to deliver our monthly Economic and Financial Digest in electronic form. This page holds links to several of our most recent editions of the newsletter.
December 2022
This Too Won't Last
November 2022
Slamming On The Brakes -- Is a Crash Ahead?
October 2022
Recession Watch
September 2022
Confusing Times
August 2022
Don't Rule Out a Soft Landing
July 2022
For The Fed, Failure To Curb Inflation Is Not An Option
June 2022
Fading But Still Healthy Profits Should Sustain Growth
May 2022
When Will Inflation Peak?
April 2022
Here Come the Rate Hikes
March 2022
Tumultuous Start To The Year
February 2022
Economy Faces a Winter Chill
January 2022
Virus Fears And Inflation Cast A Shadow Over 2022
December 2021
A Christmas Wish: More Supply Please
November 2021
It’s Not Stagflation, But It Sure Is M.E.S.S.I.
October 2021
A Delta Detour
September 2021
Pandemic Legacy: A More Productive Economy
August 2021
A Calmer But Durable Recovery Ahead
July 2021
Don't Fret, the Workers Will Come Back
June 2021
Focus On The Trend, Not The Noise
May 2021
A Jobs Boom Is Near, But Not Full Employment
April 2021
A Looming Economic Heat Wave
March 2021
Policies Go Big
February 2021
A Chilled but Not Frozen Economy
January 2021
2021 Can't Come Soon Enough
December 2020
Rocky Road to a Vaccine
November 2020
A Host of Uncertainties
October 2020
A Glass Half Empty
September 2020
Recovery Enters Perilous Stage
August 2020
The Uneven Impact of Covid-19
July 2020
Coming Back To Life
June 2020
Don't Fear Inflation
May 2020
The Deepest Postwar Recession
April 2020
RIP: The Longest Expansion
March 2020
What's in Store After The Boeing and Coronavirus Shocks?
February 2020
Consumers Will Be Less Feisty This Year
January 2020
Trade Agreements Spur Cautious Optimism
December 2019
The Good Place is on Shaky Ground
November 2019
Will Factory Slump Kill The Expansion?
October 2019
Will Trade Wars Topple The Economy?
September 2019
Recession Watch
August 2019
Buying Insurance
July 2019
Time to Celebrate?
June 2019
The Inflation Puzzle
May 2019
Profits Recession?
April 2019
Back To The Future: 2% Growth
March 2019
Reduced Policy Risks Defuses Recession Threat
February 2019
It's Not Just Jobs
January 2019
Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble
December 2018
Gathering Headwinds
November 2018
The Fed in the Crosshairs
October 2018
The Road Ahead Will Get Bumpier
September 2018
Healthy Slowdown On The Way
August 2018
Don't Fear Inflation
July 2018
As Good As It Gets
June 2018
Recession Watch
May 2018
The Return of Inflation
April 2018
Consumer Retrenchment Not Alarming
March 2018
Fiscal Stimulus: Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Februrary 2018
Message to Policy Makers: Do No Harm
January 2018
The Tortoise and the Hare
December 2017
The 2 Percent Solution
November 2017
Aging Expansion Still Has Life
October 2017
The Inflation/Employment Puzzle
September 2017
The Income-Spending Gap
August 2017
Low Recession Risk
July 2017
The Low Inflation Puzzle
June 2017
Washington Dysfunction
May 2017
Slowing With Age
April 2017
Irrational Exuberance?
March 2017
No Winter Blues

February 2017

Better Start to the Year
January 2017
High Hopes


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