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Settlement Accounts

The Daily Transaction Shares (S-010) is the full-member transactional account for all daily settlement activities and has no minimum dollar limit. Funds can be transferred to and from this account until 4:00 pm CT each business day. With the full-member share account, members are not only granted voting rights, but they can also apply for a Line of Credit (LOC) and are able to take advantage of the ability to earn higher interest rates with the Money Market account (S-005).

The Daily Transaction Shares (S-015) is the Associate Member, non-transactional account, with a required minimum balance of $100. With an Associate account, members can still take advantage of the Money Market account (S-005).

Dividends are set and accrued daily, paid, and posted on the last business day of the month.

Dividend Calculation: Dividends are calculated on an actual/365 basis.