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SimpliCD Investing

logo - SimpliCDSimpliCD (pronounced “simplicity”) is a certificate of deposit program that enables you to easily invest in federally insured CDs. This turnkey program combines CD investing with the advantages of competitive rates and consolidated reporting. Investing in federally insured CDs has never been so simple. SimpliCD is owned and operated by Primary Financial Company LLC, a credit union service organization owned jointly by Louisiana Corporate and other corporate credit unions.

  • Each day, SimpliCD searches its nationwide network of issuers for the best rates and shares those with investors.
  • A detailed tracking system assures that no more than the standard maximum deposit insurance amount of your principal is placed in any single financial institution.
  • SimpliCD purchases the CDs in a custodial capacity on your behalf, passing all federal insurance benefits through to you. You remain the legal owner of the CDs.
  • SimpliCD tracks, monitors, and collects all of your earnings. You receive a single consolidated monthly interest payment for all your SimpliCD investments.
  • Finally, in addition to your daily transaction statements, you receive a monthly statement detailing your entire SimpliCD portfolio.
  • Complete online access is available upon request.

SimpliCD Investing Agreements

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SimpliCD Issuance

SimpliCD Issuance is the issuance of federally insured share certificates to other credit unions. With one phone call, and very little paperwork, a credit union can issue up to $50 million or more in shares in a single transaction to the SimpliCD network of more than 4,300 credit unions across the country. SimpliCD Issuance provides a primary source for liquidity by attracting deposits from other credit unions with excess liquidity looking to invest through SimpliCD.

Some advantages to using SimpliCD Issuance include:

  • A complement or alternative to FHLB advances or other funding options.
  • A trusted partner - SimpliCD is owned by the nation’s corporate credit unions.
  • Transaction sizes ranging from $248,000 to $50-million.
  • There are no subscription or transaction fees.
  • Opening the accounts is as easy as opening your member accounts.

Signing up is easy.

  • Simply sign a one-page Certificate Regarding Credit Union’s Acceptance of Deposits from Primary Financial Co LLC.
  • Return the signed copy to Louisiana Corporate Credit Union.

SimpliCD Issuing Agreements